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According to legend

According to legend, Amalfi was founded in the fourth century by a group of Romans on their way to Constantinople that after a shipwreck during the voyage, were forced to take refuge near Palinuro where they founded Melphe (for this they were called Melphitani). From here they settled in the most secure place of the coast and founded Amalfi (by A-Melphes). From the sixth century the city became a dominion of the Byzantines; soon, however, it reached a degree of autonomy to become, in the ninth century, the most ancient Maritime Republic of Italy.

A period of great splendor and economic development
Amalfi by this time experienced a period of great splendor and economic development. With its fleet it reached the major ports of the Mediterranean trading all kinds of goods: in those days was not difficult to find in Constantinople, Beirut, Jaffa, Tripoli, Cyprus and Alexandria, merchants from Amalfi who traded in spices, perfumes, paintings, carpets and who had even offices and in some cases even emporiums. Even on the coast, his power was so strong that the Republic possessed vast estates in the most internal areas and controlled the most of the nearby towns of the coast.

A truly great power
A truly great power which was based on a thriving economy, Amalfi had a currency of its own, but mostly it had a sound political and administrative base which depended on the Doge on whose election the emperors of the East had a right to formal approval. From the eleventh century, however, began a series of internal power fights that led to a general weakening of the Republic, who had to suffer a military defeat several times by the Normans who slowly eroded its possessions until the final conquest in 1131. From this moment the city fell under the Noran rule without losing its commercial prosperity. In 1343 a terrible sea storm struck hard and destroyed large parts of the port: this was the event that finally subdued it put it back into the rank of normal fishing town until today. Thanks to its architectural wonders dating back to the golden era of the Republic and the charm of its locations it then began to be a popular tourist destination.


By car : Autostrada A3 - Napoli/Salerno, exit "Castellammare di Stabia", drive on SS366 direction Gragnano/Agerola, then direction Amalfi, finally direction Pogerola(1.30h da Napoli). From Salerno: exit "Vietri Sul Mare" > S.S. 163 Amalfitana > after Amalfi turn right towards Agerola / Pogerola (1.30h from Napoli)

By train : Stazione di Salerno (1.15h)

By air : Aeroporto Internazionale Napoli Capodichino (1.30h )

By boat to Amalfi: Salerno Piazza della Concordia (40 min) or Napoli Molo Beverello (2h).

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